SME Boutique Women’s Exclusive Club (S.W.E.C)

Lagos Office
No 27, Ribadu Street, Off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. 

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SME Boutique Women’s Exclusive Club (SWEC) is a member-based group of aspiring women in business and leadership, who motivate, inspire, empower and support one another.

We exist to walk alongside aspiring women in an atmosphere of comfort, community and a safe zone for our members to come to ask questions and get advice to help them flourish and achieve their goals.

With our three level memberships, SWEC strives to ensure all members’ business needs are adequately catered for. Through our capacity building workshops we will equip you by covering the essentials of business. Members can equally enjoy a fully customized onsite team training workshops to support their growing business needs.

Our one-on- one mentorship sessions are designed to empower members to create their very own Success Map that will take them from where they are to where they want to be.

Our members also have the opportunity to network and have access to finance for their specific business needs. Members share a passion to see each other prosper profit, grow and enjoy collaborating in the delivery of their services and products.

At SWEC, we network, we educate, we celebrate success and above all we inspire, all to generate success in business.